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Production and characterization of a new mango distilled beverage / Production and characterization of a new mango distilled beverage

Oliveira, Patrícia Natielly de; Alcarde, André Ricardo; Bortoletto, Aline Marques; Abud, Ana Karla de Souza; Oliveira Júnior, Antonio Martins de.
Scientia Agricola 2022, Volume 79 1 elocation e20200149

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ABSTRACT The large scale of mango production allows for the application of immediate technologies to minimize post-harvest losses and add even more value to the fruit chain. As a consequence of feasible applications, the production of alcoholic beverages through fermentation and distillation has been elaborated, resulting in a supply of products with different characteristics. This study aimed to monitor the development of a distilled mango beverage and its profile for consumption. The mangoes were selected, pulped and subjected to physicochemical characterization and, subsequently, to fermentation and distillation processes where the kinetics were monitored, and the beverage obtained was compared to similar products found in the literature. During column distillation, the relationship between the temperature profile and the alcohol content was observed, allowing for careful selection of each fraction of the distillate and the establishment of a standard for future distillations. As regards the fraction of interest, good results were obtained in terms of composition with compounds such as methanol and acetaldehyde in minimal quantities, indicating a product that can be consumed without health risks. The small amount of studies following the same line of research confirms the potential mango pulp named Tommy Atkins for the formulation of alcoholic products.